My Name is Karen. My fiancé, Mikee and I have worked with other credit repair services before with no results, just a waste of money and time. We were now both very skeptical about ever trying it again figured I had just hit a dead end and there was no hope for me. WOW! Was I wrong… My sister’s friend told me that “I have worked with the Credit repair lions of the industry (we know what lions do: they sleep all day) and now it’s time to work with the Beavers of the industry (Favorfloat Financial Serv. ( ) I went for it and couldn’t be happier. My scores have skyrocketed and I finally on my way to buying my dream home.

I owe Favorfloat a debt of gratitude! If you need credit repair fast and don’t have deep pockets or months to wait for results, stop wasting your time with these other companies (the sleeping lions in Lexington), sign up with Favorfloat Financial Services and start reaching for the moon! I guarantee, you will never have to call down to earth to say, “Houston we have a problem”.

Best credit Repair Company ever! I was blind in a credit mess and now I can see – I have the lines of credit that I wanted. I am also well on my way to being a homeowner. THANK YOU FAVORFLOAT. I will remain a Favorfloat member for life and continue to use your other services such as, personal development, resume help, and starting a business help. Without Favorfloat credit repair, I would still have nothing. These guys know where all the bodies are buried when it comes to credit repair. . They have given me an opportunity to buy a home and get real credit cards again. They give you your own login to monitor the negative reports that are being deleted from you credit files from all the credit bureaus, Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. This is their website if you need help like I did:

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