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    Are human beings losing their humanity? That may seem like an odd question, but based upon recent events in our world, it is becoming a more serious one. The flow of stories about violence and terrorism make us wonder. Violent protestors in the streets, terrorists striking the workplace, schools, night clubs, sporting events, a shopping mall; dead police officers shot in cold blood.
    Is this really the direction that the human race is being dragged into? Do you feel helpless to stop it? To do so, we must begin by evaluating our own attitudes and beliefs.

    1. Do we recognize each other as human beings, and not consider those who disagree with us to be monsters or enemies to be eliminated?
    2. Do we believe that each human being is unique, but equally worthy of respect?
    3. Do we believe that the human spirit has the ability to cause love and compassion to prevail over hatred?
    4. If so, do we make our beliefs and convictions public, and encourage others to do the same?

    This is where the Humanity Creed is a valuable tool. Read what it says:

    “The vision is a world where people are wise enough to know that all human beings may have been created equal, but we are uniquely born—some as men, some as women; some as light-skinned, some as dark-skinned; some with sight, some as blind; some with limbs, and some without limbs.

    Therefore, because no human being had a choice of how and where they should be born, we must respect and accept an individual’s uniqueness as a human being, equal to ourselves, regardless of our economic or professional status, and without prejudice based on selfishness, ignorance, hatred, upbringing, or religious beliefs.

    And in order to qualify our soul as a human spirit, separate from animals, every human being must subscribe to the belief that it is the power to love one another that is vested in us, not the weakness to enslave one another, destroy one another, proselytize one another by coercion, or hold ourselves as biologically superior to one another, either by race or by gender.

    It is, nevertheless, a world garnished with forgiveness, where compassion reigns; a world where every person contributes in lifting other souls who were uniquely born with lesser capacities, but never sees such help as self-sacrifice, rather as the opportunity to honor in each of us the human spirit that finds for our bodies honorable graves, and for our souls triumphant ascension into eternal quietude.”

    Favorfloat, in coordination with The Humanity Appointment organization, is offering the Humanity Creed for free, as a poster to hang on the wall at home or at the office, or to be downloaded to your phone and used as your screensaver. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of what you believe about fellow human beings, so that you can also act on your beliefs.

    The Creed is available in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic, so we invite people of many languages and religious beliefs around the world to adopt it.

    Just click on the link below to get the Humanity Creed through Favorfloat:


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  • Leon Brink
    Leon Brink I really like this, because this seems to be such a dangerous and violent time of hatred. Decent, normal people need to take a stand for people and law and order and forgiveness.
    August 9, 2016