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Dignity in the Workplace


    Does your job depress you? Maybe it’s not completely depressing, but you really have to work at staying motivated with it. That might come from the type of work that you do. Some jobs can make us feel rather inferior, like working for a cleaning company, or waiting tables at an ordinary restaurant, or driving a taxi. We might feel like we are better than that and worth more than that.
    That depressing feeling can come in any type of job, though, if our boss and company treat us disrespectfully, with low pay, high job expectations, and a short temper for mistakes. We feel somehow dehumanized, and treated like dirt. That will certainly crush any motivation to excel at work to benefit the company and feel pride in our work.

    I have had many different kinds of jobs, and I have discovered that there is dignity in any honest job. When you work hard, take pride in your work, and are earning your paycheck with your best effort, there is dignity in that. I have met many people who are doing the hard but necessary work that all the rest of us are counting on them to do, and we could not get along without them. You are needed, and if you don’t always feel appreciated, maybe it’s because you’re doing such a good job that people take your work for granted.

    If you are an employer, a manager, or a boss, I would urge you to look at the employees under your supervision, and recognize that these are real human beings, and as such, completely worthy of your respect and appreciation. You could not do business without them. You will find that they will be increasingly productive as employees when they feel appreciated.

    “Therefore, because no human being had a choice of how and where they should be born, we must respect and accept an individual’s uniqueness as a human being, equal to ourselves, regardless of our economic and professional status.”

    Do you know where that comes from? That is a section from the Humanity Creed. If you are feeling a little depressed with the kind of job you have, you should read this creed and remember it when you are at work. If you are an employer that wants to make your employees realize that you honor them and respect them in spite of the difference in position in the company, you need to get the Humanity Creed and post it at the office where everyone can see it.

    You can get a free copy of the Humanity Creed, either as a poster that you can have emailed and print out from your computer, or to download to your device and use as a screen saver. The creed is available in a variety of languages too. You will find it at a website called Favorfloat, that is offering the creed for free through the Humanity Appointment organization. Just click on the link below:

    Bring a feeling of dignity to the workplace, after all, you and all employees are human beings.


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  • Leon Brink
    Leon Brink You were referring to me when it comes to working for a cleaning company, weren't you? I am glad those days are over, but respect the people that I met on that job who were working hard to earn income to support their families. There is dignity in all h...  more
    August 9, 2016