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Self-Esteem at School



    Some of us were nerds in school. We studied a lot and were not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. We were busy at home doing our homework. We did not wear the latest fashionable clothes, but we were wearing hand-me-downs from our older siblings. Some of us were also bullied in school by kids that felt good making fun of us. Bullies use abusive language, and maybe also physical attacks to make us feel inferior and ashamed and laughed at. I hated bullies, and they made me hate going to school sometimes.

    We hear a lot today about bullies in schools. But now it is tragically becoming a more violent issue. Violence in schools today can come from either the bullies who are bringing weapons to school, or from the kids that have been bullied, and have decided that enough was enough. Parents, teachers, school administrators, and security officers are all wrestling with the best way to handle the problem of bullying so as to avoid more tragedies.

    Parents have a big job on their hands in counseling and teaching their children to respect the other kids in school, and also to have self-respect, no matter what anybody else says about you.
    “And in order to qualify our soul as a human spirit, separate from animals, every human being must subscribe to the belief that it is the power to love one another that is vested in us, not the weakness to enslave one another, destroy one another, proselytize one another by coercion, or hold ourselves as biologically superior to another, either by race or gender.”

    That quotation comes from the Humanity Creed, which is available from an online company called Favorfloat, in coordination with the Humanity Appointment organization. If you are a parent, trying to encourage self-esteem and self-respect in your children, or a parent trying to teach your bully child to change his attitude, you should get the Humanity Creed, and post it on his bedroom wall. If you are a teacher or school administrator striving to encourage mutual respect among the students, you should get the Humanity Creed, and post it on the classroom or office bulletin board. The creed is also available in a variety of languages.

    Just click on the link below, and you can get the file emailed to you so that you can print it out as a poster, or you can download it to your device and use it as a screen saver.

    Children and young people are at a critical age in learning the importance of respect for others and also for themselves. The Humanity Creed will help.

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  • Leon Brink
    Leon Brink You were a nerd, cousin, sorry, but I remember it well. I sorta was too, I guess. But I think you had a little more trouble with bullies. That's not fun.
    August 9, 2016