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Forgiveness on the Road



    It can be an emotional place. A place where you see ignorance, selfishness, even hatred and rage. So it is not a place that is easy to show forgiveness or love or acceptance. It is on the road, driving.

    The driver in front of you is busy on the phone, talking or texting, and does not notice that the light has turned to green, so she is still sitting there. Come on, pay attention! Get off the phone and drive.

    The driver behind you on the freeway is tailgating so close that his bumper is practically right up against yours. If you even tapped the brakes, he would hit you. What a . . . .!

    The driver in the next lane cuts in front of you so that you have to brake to get some space in between fast.

    Someone flips the bird at you, and you don’t even know why.

    Have you ever known someone that is normally a very stable, friendly, easygoing person, but when you ride with them in the car and they are driving, they become a totally different, aggressive, emotional person?

    It is good for us to remember these are human beings behind the wheel, with parents, children, brothers and sisters, friends. Even if they are terrible drivers, they are still human beings, worthy of respect and patience and yes, forgiveness. The road is one place where we can forget that. That’s why drivers have gotten into certain habits while they are driving, to relax and stay calm and be patient. Some smoke in the car to stay calm. Some eat or drink. Many listen to music.

    I have an idea for what you can do when you first get in the car and get ready to drive. Have these words as part of the screen saver on your phone, “It is, nevertheless, a world garnished with forgiveness, where compassion reigns; a world where every person contributes in lifting other souls who were uniquely born with lesser capacities, but never sees such as as self-sacrifice, rather as the opportunity to honor in each of us the human spirit.”

    That quote is from the Humanity Creed, and you can download it to your cell phone or device and bring it up as your screen saver. It is written on a beautiful natural background. It is offered free by online company called Favorfloat, in coordination with the Humanity Appointment organization.

    Click on this link to find it:

    You can also get it emailed to you so that you can print it out as a poster for your home or office. Yes, those are people in those cars, even if they are bad drivers, they are still human beings.


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  • Leon Brink
    Leon Brink Haha, good point. I tend to get pretty upset with people when I drive. I need a creed!
    August 9, 2016