Contract Breachers Reporting Bureau (CBRB™)

Suspended Till Further Notice!

Contract Breachers Reporting Bureau is used as an online debt default reporting forum, by people who loaned money to friends, family members, or loved ones through Favorfloat. While providing such a reporting tool as an incentive for borrowers to pay back their loans is perfectly legal, effective, and justified, such reports do harm people, especially if the defaulted borrower is looking for a job. Employers do online research to see what they can find about potential employees. Employers are not likely to hire people who show ingratitude to those that have helped them. Providing a service that may lend additional hardship to people regardless how justified the circumstances are, goes against the mission of Favorfloat Corporation, “To deliver financial services and products in a manner that reminds people each time they use Favorfloat products or services, that there is hope in the boardrooms of businesses where organizational strategy is created that puts dignity, love, honesty, respect for humanity and for the environment above profits.” To this end, Contract Breachers Reporting Bureau has been suspended till further notice.

People loaning money to their friends, family members, and loved ones through Favorfloat may seek redress against defaulted borrowers by using their ironclad loan agreement generated through Favorfloat to seek judgment and wage garnishment against defaulted borrowers. A list concerning small claims courts in the United States are listed below. International users of Favorfloat may contact the judicial authorities in their location for available legal debt default remedies in their communities.


Dollar Limit

Alabama $6,000
Alaska $10,000
Arizona $3,500
Arkansas $5,000
California $10,000, (except that a plaintiff may not file a claim over $2,500 more than twice a year. Limit for local public entity or for businesses is $5,000. $6,500 is the limit in suits by an individual against a guarantor that charges for its guarantor or surety services.)
Colorado $7,500
Connecticut $5,000, (except in landlord-tenant security deposit claims.)
Delaware $15,000
District of Columbia $5,000
Florida $5,000
Georgia $15,000, (no limit in eviction cases.)
Hawaii $5,000, (no limit in landlord-tenant residential security deposit cases. For return of leased or rented personal property, the property must not be worth more than $5,000.)
Idaho $5,000
Illinois $10,000
Indiana $6,000, ($8,000 in Marion County)
Iowa $5,000
Kansas $4,000
Kentucky $2,500
Louisiana $5,000 (city court); $5,000 (justice of the peace, but no limit on eviction cases.)
Maine $6,000
Maryland $5,000
Massachusetts $7,000, (no limit for property damage caused by motor vehicle.)
Michigan $5,500
Minnesota $15,000, ($4,000 for claims involving consumer credit transactions, $15,000 for claims involving money or personal property subject to criminal forfeiture.)
Mississippi $3,500
Missouri $5,000
Montana $7,000
Nebraska $3,600 from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2020 (adjusted every five years based on the Consumer Price Index.)
Nevada $10,000
New Hampshire $10,000
New Jersey $3,000, ($5,000 for claims relating to security deposits; certain landlord-tenant suits cannot be brought.)
New Mexico $10,000
New York $5,000, ($3,000 in town and village courts.)
North Carolina $10,000
North Dakota $15,000
Ohio $3,000
Oklahoma $7,500
Oregon $10,000
Pennsylvania $12,000
Rhode Island $2,500
South Carolina $7,500
South Dakota $12,000
Tennessee $25,000, (no limit in eviction suits or suits to recover personal property)
Texas $10,000
Utah $10,000
Vermont $5,000
Virginia $5,000
Washington $5,000
West Virginia $5,000
Wisconsin $10,000, (no limit in eviction suits.)
Wyoming $6,000

CBRB™ Success Rate

  • Tennessee $25,00
  • Delaware $15,00
  • Minnesota $15,00
  • Pennsylvania $12,00
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